About Us

DUEBI S.R.L. was established in 2001 but can already boast a very interesting experience thanks to the know-how coming from the procurement of the POLYTRON S.A.S., one of the Italian leader companies since 1988, in manufacturing equipments to dose and control detergent specially in Food Industry.

DUEBI SRL also is a fully flexible company, able to project and manufacture custom-made systems and equipments for detergents and sanitizers in industrial areas.
The main strength of our staff is to pay special attention to the needs of the clients, specially for "user friendly" equipments, easy and quick in maintenance, the quality of materials/components and the reliability the equipments.
Please visit our site to discover, page by page, how easily our products can match your needs.

DueBi s.r.l.
Via Napoli, 6
Zona Martinetta
26900 Lodi - Italy

Telefono : + 39 0371/ 61.02.10
Fax : + 39 0371/41.78.59

About Us